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A Treatment Program done through Contact Lenses and/or Vision Enhancement Training
 for Individuals, Families, Groups, or Teams.

This treatment will improve all 7 fundamental skills of vision.

They are:
1. Eye Tracking
2.  Peripheral Vision
3. Sight
(must be global)
4. Binocularity (eye teaming)
5. Near/Far Focusing Efficiency
6. Visualization (visual intuition)
7. Localization In Space (spacial awareness)

The end-points of the therapy are:

- Fast and efficient eye-hand coordination.               
- Instantaneous and accurate reaction time.              
    - Improved performance athletically and academically.
- Being more trusting with your feelings rather than
      overanalyzing and doubting your first best move.
          - By being visually intuitive you don't have to think, doubt,
worry, fear and see the small picture.           
  - Seeing the big picture makes you see it, trust it, and
                   do it to true potential. You have fun because it's a game.
- More overall flexibility in the whole body.               
- More efficient posture, respiration and balance.     
- Empowerment to continue self-maintenance.          
 - Natural automatic implementation of new skills.     

You See It, Trust It, Feel It, Do It.

Certified Hypnotherapist to enhance the subconscious mind     
and quiet the conscious mind to aid in seeing the big picture
more consistantly and efficiently.                                            

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